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Avoid Postal Rate Increases with Electronic Payments

Plan for Winter Holidays
The month of January brings with it a new year of possibilities and hopefulness for your business, but it’s also one of the critical times in the calendar as you ready yourself for fee increases.

One of the rates we’re used to seeing rise are for postage, and unfortunately 2017 continues this trend. As Canada Post has recently announced, meter prices for domestic standard letter 0-30g changes to $0.82.

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Your Accounting Software and Our Payment Solution

One of the most interesting aspects of human nature is that very few of us are truly open to change. We establish our routines; we settle in a particular neighbourhood, and for the most part, we keep these consistent for much of our lives. This is particularly the case in our professional surroundings.

A hockey player, for example, will remain loyal to a brand of equipment for familiarity and comfort, a chef will swear by a particular knife maker whether they are cutting meat or vegetables, and an office worker will remain steadfastly loyal to Windows-based or Mac computers. Trying to get any of these workers to switch to another system is an exercise in frustration.

Recognizing this, Telpay continues to support a wide variety of accounting programs, even those from companies that are no longer producing software, or versions that have since been replaced in the market.

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Are You Ready to Wrap Up 2016?



This time of year, your office is a hub of activity. Your holiday festivities needs to be planned, staff vacation schedules need to be carefully balanced and any closure dates need to be sent out to your clients.

For a company’s financials, this means having all ducks in a row and ensure that any outstanding payments must be completed. Fortunately, Telpay is here to help you, and we’re starting that off now with some tips to help you wrap up 2016 and stay on track for the upcoming new year.

Plan for 2017
It’s just a couple of weeks  – the new year! What is your company’s electronic payment strategy going to look like? If you’re unsure, we’ve compiled “The Ultimate Electronic Payment Checklist” to help you maximize and leverage all the features and benefits of Telpay’s services.

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