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Peace of Mind with Telpay

wellspring-supportAs an entrepreneur, it can be very exciting -and stressful -to watch your business grow. Meet Nicole Funk, Executive Director of Wellspring Support Inc, who used to worry about her payroll process or whether that vendor got paid on time.

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Wellspring Support is a comprehensive, community-oriented service provider offering innovative day programming for adults with developmental, physical and behavioural challenges. With a new location and new staff hires, Wellspring is now a medium sized business and growing.

I had a chance to talk with Nicole about her new peace of mind on her business payments and how other entrepreneurs might find it helpful.

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Next Business Day, Bill Pay



Nowadays, it feels like we are living in a fast food mentality. We can no longer wait for anything and want it faster. No time to cook, so you do fast food. Why go to a traditional store, when you can buy the perfect item online. What about your bill payments? How does “Next Business day, Bill pay,” sound to you? Here’s a review of Telpay’s Payables Funding Options.

Payables funding options are really important because this is how Telpay receives money from your business to process your payables payments. There are two available funding options. You can choose to send money to Telpay via online banking which has a one-day lead time or request Telpay to automatically withdraw the money from your bank account through Pre-Authorized Debit which requires a four-day lead time.

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The Better Way to Pay Anyone


We have all seen the commercials bragging about their products such as, “the ultimate driving machine,” by BMW or “Look Ma, no cavities,” by Crest. Hey, I do like BMW’s, but as a Volvo owner, I am not sure BMW is the ultimate ride. Also, I have used Crest toothpaste but still got a couple of fillings to fix those cavities. Taglines can be catchy, but are they true? When it comes to bill payments, Telpay is “The Better Way to Pay,” because you can pay anyone. Here’s why.

With Telpay’s all-in-one comprehensive payment system, you really can pay anyone. From payroll, government remittances, supplier invoices, expense accounts, one off payment, USD payments, international payments and more. We truly can help you streamline and eliminate manual processes while retaining existing controls. You can reduce costs and save time and be more efficient.  We have answers to some of those burning questions about paying anyone.

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Customer Spotlight: AIS Solutions

ais-spotlightAs a business owner or accounting professional, we all like things to be hassle free…right! Meet Juliet Aurora, founder of AIS Solutions in Burlington, Ontario and a Telpay ASP Partner. Juliet and her team at AIS Solutions, pride themselves on providing business owners with “no hassle” bookkeeping done right.

In 2000, while in search of work-life balance, Juliet made the decision to set up an accounting business from her home. From those humble beginnings, Juliet has grown AIS Solutions into a full-service bookkeeping and small business advisory firm with a team of ten. And, this fall she will be launching a cutting edge Training and Support community for Bookkeepers called Kninja Knetwork. Juliet has found her work-life balance by incorporating tools that help her succeed in all aspects of AIS Solutions. Today, she successfully runs a thriving business while still making time for her family and friends.

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Don’t Sweat the Postal Talks

sweat-talksAs the talks continue in the 30-day cool off period between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, businesses are still sweating about the possibility of a mail disruption. Continue reading

Get Ready for Possible Postal Service Disruption

postal-disruptionDid you know that Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have been in contract negotiations since late 2015 to reach a new agreement? Already some of Canada Post’s biggest customers, including the federal government, are being told to make contingency plans ahead of a possible contract dispute with workers this summer. According to a CBC News Report on May 27, Jon Hamilton, a spokesman for Canada Post stated, “while the corporation is not trying to be alarmist, it has decided to inform some key clients about the possible service disruption.” Continue reading

New Director

marilyn-board-memberTelpay is pleased to announce the appointment of Marilyn Benninger as a new Director of the Board. Ms. Benninger is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) providing strategic advisory services to leading software companies whose products serve the needs of small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers. Previously, she held senior leadership roles at Telpay, MYOB and Sage.

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Mother’s Day Contest – Best Advice My Momma Gave


We all get advice, especially from our mothers, right! Flashback to your childhood, when you used to hear your mother telling you to, “make sure you eat all your vegetables, brush your teeth and wear your mitts, because it’s cold outside.” It was good advice then and still good advice today.

Throughout life, you can always count on mothers to love, support and give advice…solicited or not…on everything from relationships, careers and even what not to wear. Do you have a mom in your corner loaded with good advice? If yes, we want to hear the best advice you got from your momma. Share it with us to win two $50 Visa Gift Cards, one for you and one for your wise mother.

So tell us some advice you got from your momma at telpay.ca/mom and enter for a chance to win with Telpay.

Don’t Be Taxed This Season

taxedAre you feeling the stress of another tiring, tough and downright taxing season?    Tax season doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming.  Here are five strategies to help you manage:

Be positive: Your mental health and state of mind have a significant effect on your professional and personal life.  It has been well documented that people with a positive attitude are more upbeat and peaceful.  Even during tax time, you can choose to be positive amongst the chaos of the season.

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Still Saving You Money

saving-moneyWe all hear talk about the good old days. What you could buy for a dollar back then is worth more than a Toonie now. Yes, prices have doubled (sometimes more than doubled!), but not Telpay fees. Let’s take a nostalgic look back to see the rising costs for individuals and businesses.  Continue reading

Cross Border Payments

Mary Jacques and her husband are the franchise owners of Paul Davis Restoration Inc. in Essex, Ontario.  With more than 370 locations within North America, Paul Davis is the restoration specialist for mold removal, water damage restoration, fire damage clean up, contents cleaning, or any other restoration services.


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Telpay Leadership Award 2015


Photo courtesy of CPA Manitoba and Martin Lussier Photography.

Travis Toet is the worthy recipient of the Telpay Leadership Award 2015. The award recognizes the candidate in the graduating class, who demonstrated significant leadership in the Strategic Leadership Program, along with exhibiting the professional behaviours, ethics and attitudes of a CMA. Continue reading

For 30 Years, The Better Way To Pay


Pop the champagne…2015 is Telpay’s 30th Anniversary! We are celebrating this milestone by honouring our innovative past and striving towards more innovative products in our even brighter future.

Great companies start with smart ideas and the vision of a leader to make it happen. W.H. (Bill) Loewen is one such leader. In 1968, Loewen founded Comcheq Services Limited, one of the first computerized outsourcing payroll companies in Canada. By the 1980’s, Comcheq was processing over $50 billion in annual payroll transactions, operating in 18 Canadian cities and employing more than 400 people.

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Spotlight: Kelly Roloson

kellyKelly Roloson is a CPA, CGA at Gibb Widdis, a chartered accounting firm that services more than 300 diverse clientele from across Ontario. Kelly, who is also known as a somewhat gourmet cook, graduated from Brock University with an Honours Bachelor of Administration. In addition to accounting, she has many responsibilities from quality control, facilitator and consultant, but accounting software is her speciality. As the jack of all trades, Kelly also likes the challenge of problem solving. She describes herself as the “go-to-person you need when you’ve got a problem with accounting software.” She joined the original Telpay ASP Partner Program in February 2009. Continue reading

Pay It Forward…Electronically!

forward-blogThe Pay it Forward concept is not just for a personal act of kindness, it can also be applied to business. Kindness in a business environment results in positive ripple effects where everyone gains when they invest time in building good relationships. From consultants, vendors, suppliers to contractors, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.

To build this rapport, now that your business has gone electronic, why not introduce your suppliers’ to the benefits of direct deposit payments. Encourage your suppliers to switch from receiving your manual cheques to direct deposit through Telpay. Direct deposit payments are fast, reliable and secure. Your payments are deposited directly into their bank account. No more special trips to the bank and they have faster access to their money. It’s easy.

How to Encourage Your Suppliers to Switch

  • Phone: One of the best ways to build a rapport with your suppliers is to be in contact with them. Advise your suppliers to start receiving their payments by direct deposit by calling to let them know they will be paid faster. It is a phone call they will appreciate.
  • Email: In your conversation, let them know you will follow up with email instructions on how to get started. Include a link to Telpay’s Direct Deposit web page for more information – http://www.telpay.ca/business/receive-money/basic-direct-deposit

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