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Cross Border Payments

Mary Jacques and her husband are the franchise owners of Paul Davis Restoration Inc. in Essex, Ontario.  With more than 370 locations within North America, Paul Davis is the restoration specialist for mold removal, water damage restoration, fire damage clean up, contents cleaning, or any other restoration services.


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Find Your Pot of Gold in a Webinar

march-lucky-finalHow many of you have childhood memories of your search for the lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?   Maybe our lucky pot of gold is not so far out of reach.  What if we found a pot filled with resources that made our working processes more efficient, creating extra time and saving money!

As a Telpay user, we want to fill your “pot of gold” with helpful payment resources that will eliminate time-consuming and expensive payment processing. Register for a payables webinar to learn how Telpay’s electronic payments can help streamline your payables process.   Our payables training webinars discuss topics such as funding timelines, collecting banking information and importing your payments from your accounting software.

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Electronic Payment Habits So Easy, You’ll Start Them Yesterday


We can all relate to those tasks on our desk that we have procrastinated getting started on.  They sit on our desk like an ugly paperweight that’s the size of a large rock….maybe boulder. I hate to state the obvious but, it is easier to start a good habit than it is to break a bad one.  In other words, it is easier to never have the paper weight tasks sitting on your desk than it is to remove these tasks.  The trick is making the good habits easy to start.

When it comes to electronic payments, there are several habits that are so easy; you’ll wonder why you didn’t start them yesterday.

Take advantage of supplier discounts

Supplier discounts are always a nice incentive to pay your invoices early.  But if you’re sending a cheque in the mail, how can you predict if your payment will arrive before the discount deadline?  Schedule your electronic payments on a specific date to guarantee you will receive those supplier discounts.

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Top 5 Questions Asked in 2015

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that Telpay’s support page is updated on a daily basis with questions and feedback that we hear from our customers?  We are continually adding new FAQ’s, videos, and instruction manuals based on the questions and feedback that our partners and clients share with our customers care team.

Here are the top 5 questions asked by our customers in 2015.

1. Does Telpay integrate with QuickBooks Online?

2. Can I make a USD payment to one of my suppliers?

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2015 Year End Checklist


As we find ourselves moving towards the end of 2015, there are dozens of tasks that need to be completed before year end. 

Here are a few ways that Telpay can help you scratch off items from your year-end checklist:

Did you know that your frequency to remit source deductions may change in the New Year, based on the dollar value of your payroll from the previous year?  You can view the CRA remittance thresholds and their due dates on the CRA website.

Employee Bonus Pay Outs
Send your employee bonuses electronically this year.  Follow our step by step instruction manual and make a convenient bonus deposit to your employees using our funds transfer feature.

Make your holiday donations with Telpay’s electronic payables feature.  Follow these steps to learn how you can set up and pay a charity electronically (and even receive a donation receipt) this holiday season.

Review your suppliers banking information
How many suppliers have you sent electronic payments to this year? It’s a good idea to plan ahead using our “notify your supplier” form to collect banking information for any new suppliers you plan to pay in 2016.

Make sure your account information is up to date
It is important that all your Telpay account information is up to date in the Telpay software.  Up to date information makes sure that you receive our service emails, invoices, and important product information.  We have summarized all the information that should be up to date, here.

Plan ahead
Are you considering making more electronic payments in 2016?  Resolve to make all your payments electronically in the new year.  Learn about the types of payments you can make with Telpay by joining a training webinar. Telpay’s training webinars cover a variety of payment topics, such as:  processing bill payments, government remittances including GST/HST, Workers Compensation,  payroll and payroll deductions, collection of rents,  international payments and payments from Canadian US$ Bank accounts.  Register for a webinar, today!

Happy New Year! Wishing you a joyful, healthy and prosperous 2016!

Telpay Leadership Award 2015


Photo courtesy of CPA Manitoba and Martin Lussier Photography.

Travis Toet is the worthy recipient of the Telpay Leadership Award 2015. The award recognizes the candidate in the graduating class, who demonstrated significant leadership in the Strategic Leadership Program, along with exhibiting the professional behaviours, ethics and attitudes of a CMA. Continue reading

Qualify Clients Part 2: Funding Payment Options

qualify2This article is part of a series on “Qualifying Your Clients.”  Learn how to properly qualify clients at the beginning of the sales process, by asking the right questions and having all the knowledge needed to ensure they benefit from electronic payments with Telpay. Continue reading

Eliminate Your Cheque Pet Peeves

Do you still write cheques for your business payments? Are you tired of dealing with the annoying cheque peeves and time-wasting hassles?

We would like you to meet Kathleen Campbell, Executive Director at Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism, a marketing organization specifically focusing on the North Shore, also known as the Playground of Vancouver. Kathleen recently streamlined her payment process by eliminating cheques from her business. Prior to signing up with Telpay, Kathleen was experiencing one of the most common cheque peeves, “the cheque is in the mail.” On numerous occasions, Kathleen experienced losing cheques in the mail which was tricky to explain to her suppliers, especially when it is such a cliché. As if that wasn’t enough, Kathleen also found it time consuming to drive around to get signatures for the cheques. All was not lost, with the help of her bookkeeper, Kathleen discovered how to eliminate these cheque peeves by processing all of her business payments electronically.

Thanks to Telpay, Kathleen now has more time to focus on promoting the cool attractions on the North Shore, like Grouse Mountain, Capilano Suspension Bridge or Lonsdale Market to name a few.  “Telpay is great for us, rather than running around getting different officers to sign our cheques, it is all done electronically and our vendors know when they are going to get paid. One less thing for me to do, I don’t have to run around, because that took a lot of my time.”

Check out the video on Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism to see how Telpay can help eliminate all of your cheque peeves.

Qualifying: How to Make Sure Clients Are a Fit


As much as we would like you to sign up all your clients with Telpay, it is also important to make sure that Telpay is a fit. That is why qualifying right off the hop is very important. Just like qualifying in sales, it’s all about asking the right questions to make sure the needs of that business can be met by the Telpay solution. Continue reading

Spotlight: May Haak


Meet May Haak, a Telpay ASP Partner located in Burnaby, British Columbia, who has a very interesting career story. After being a bookkeeper for 10 years with the BC Provincial Government, May discovered that she had an affinity for computers. So she went back to school to become a programmer and software developer. Unfortunately when lay-offs hit the public sector, she lost her IT job with the provincial government. Out of work and struggling to find an IT job, May decided that, “if nobody would hire me, I’ll just hire myself.” Continue reading

Celebrate 30 Years with Us


In 2015, Telpay is thrilled to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary. And we could not have done it without our very successful ASP Partner Program. Thank you to our 1500 partners for being an integral part of our Telpay business journey. We appreciate your confidence, support of our products and your solid partnership in our success. Continue reading

For 30 Years, The Better Way To Pay


Pop the champagne…2015 is Telpay’s 30th Anniversary! We are celebrating this milestone by honouring our innovative past and striving towards more innovative products in our even brighter future.

Great companies start with smart ideas and the vision of a leader to make it happen. W.H. (Bill) Loewen is one such leader. In 1968, Loewen founded Comcheq Services Limited, one of the first computerized outsourcing payroll companies in Canada. By the 1980’s, Comcheq was processing over $50 billion in annual payroll transactions, operating in 18 Canadian cities and employing more than 400 people.

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How do you Give?

With the holiday season in full swing, we are all even busier and hopefully merrier too. The time we spend with our family and friends are very special and truly a gift. As well, the holidays are a great time to reflect, to be grateful for what we have and think about others in need. What about your charitable heart to give not just in the holiday season, but throughout the year.

According to Marina Glogovac, President of Canada Helps, “Giving with your heart recognizes the connectedness of all humanity, and understands that we all matter to each other, regardless of how our lives are different. Most of all, charity is about removing the judgment that we often tacitly attach to the needs of others. We should give with the consciousness of connectedness and humbleness.

In Canada, there are over 86,000 charities in Canada. Not just the big ones at the national level, but the majority are small and medium-sized, operating on small budgets and doing very important and impactful work. Look at your where you live and you will often see that they are the backbone of community support

In this busy holiday season, Telpay can save you time by making your donation electronically to your favourite charity. Here are some big and small charities that are already set up on Telpay, such as War Amps, Siloam Mission and Salvation Army to name a few. If there is something closer to your heart and it is not listed in Telpay, our funds transfer capability enables you to pay any charity. You simply add your charity and Telpay will collect the banking information for you.

So the next time you give from your heart to your favourite charity, use Telpay and do it electronically. You will not only feel good, but you will save time too!