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3 Ways Remote Authorization Benefits Your Office


Businesses are always looking for ways to be more efficient with their time, money, communication and ultimately, productivity.  Typically, this process starts off with a management meeting where the team discusses a plan to improve specific office functions and usually you spend time looking at your administrative processes and budget sheets.

Would you believe being more efficient and productive could start with one short and simple email? In fact, you are not even writing this email, it is an auto generated email. How can one email have that big of an effect?  I am referring to Telpay’s remote authorization email. 

Telpay’s remote authorization email allows the signing officer (single or dual) to approve payments while away from the office through an email approval functionality.  The primary user sends an auto generated email directly from the Telpay software with all the payment details that the signing officer requires to approve the payments.

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Happy Travels: 8 Tips on How to Work Remotely

1-Bea+family (2)Guest Blogger:  Bea Dabrowski, BA CPB, Co-Owner of CertPro Accounting Team Inc in Winnipeg.

What’s your passion in life?  Mine is travel.  And I don’t mean taking short little holidays here and there.  By travel, I mean uprooting my family for several months or longer and living like a local in a foreign culture. Having grown up in three different countries, having attended schools in all of them, and having had to learn a new language each time, I don’t see any other way to live for me.  This is my normal.  And now my family’s as well.  My son, when not in Canada, attends a local school in a local language, learning a new culture.

If this sounds outlandish to you, you are probably thinking, how can a person make a living and be successful and financially stable, while leading a seemingly chaotic lifestyle like mine.  Well, let me tell you, I am not the only one and not the first one to do this.

If living elsewhere for even part of the year (perhaps to avoid the insane Canadian winter), has ever crossed your mind – let me tell you, it is quite feasible.  The person who inspires me the most and will surely inspire you as well, is the American author/life hacker Tim Ferriss (you can check out his blog here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/4-hour-workweek-tools/).  His blog and book contain all the steps you need to take in order to “escape” the office.

But what tools do you need in order to work remotely?

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Approving Payments Photo Contest


Mountains, lakes and beaches – these don’t seem like your normal work spaces? However, these are just some of the places that Telpay customers can approve their payments from. Our ongoing Snap. Share. Win. contest is bringing in photo submissions from across Canada and the United States showcasing the beautiful and fun locations that our customers are visiting this summer. From hot springs to pools to parks, submissions have shown a variety of activities that our customers don’t have to miss out on. Telpay’s Remote Authorization feature allows these vacationers to maintain their payment schedule, while having fun out of the office.

The contest runs through August, so there is still plenty of time to send in your photos. Whether you are traveling internationally and approving payments from a café in Paris, camping, or out at the lake, we want to see your pictures! Even if you’re on a “staycation” and using Remote Authorization to approve payments from your backyard barbeque – just snap a selfie and submit it. The winner of the contest will receive an awesome Nikon camera prize pack, valued at $315.

Enter by sending your approving payments photo to contest@telpay.ca or by posting on our Facebook page. Also check out our Facebook page to see some of the entries that have already been submitted. See contest terms and conditions here.

Enjoy your summer and the freedom of Telpay’s Remote Authorization. Remember to send in your photos to our Snap. Share. Win. contest.

Telpay customer Dwight Yochim approved his payments from the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort camp site in British Colombia.

Telpay customer Dwight Yochim approved his payments from the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort camp site in British Colombia.

Enjoy a Frosty Root Beer, a Teen Burger and Approving Payments on Your Smart Phone


burgersSince 1978, the D’eon Family have owned the A&W Restaurant on the Crowsnest Highway near Fort Macleod, Alberta. A&W Food Services of Canada is Canada’s second-largest fast food burger restaurant chain with over 800 locations.

When Dave’s father ran the restaurant ‘everything was paper’ at least where the accounting was concerned. Back in those days, Dave’s father would bring the accountant the ‘books’, and bills, then come back pick everything up and begin signing cheque after cheque. Then he would deliver the cheques to the mail.

Times changed; Dave came aboard and the business continued to grow. Soon Dave was responsible for running the restaurants and managing ‘the books’. With approximately fifty staff and dozens of supplier payments, Dave quickly realized the manual cheque process needed to be replaced with a better way.
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