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Bell Let’s Talk


By now, you have probably seen the Bell Let’s Talk billboards and commercials featuring Clara Hughes, Serena Ryder, Howie Mandel, Mary Walsh and Michael Landsberg. The group of spokes peoples are sharing with us their battle with mental illness to prove that mental illness does not discriminate. It does not matter if you are an Olympian, musician, comedienne, actress or sports broadcaster. In fact, one in five Canadians will experience a form of mental illness in their lifetime. Mental illness makes an impact on many lives — directly, or indirectly through a friend, family member or colleague. Continue reading

Bell Let’s Talk on Wednesday


Mental illness can impact anyone…like me. I had never been depressed in my life. Yet I would be diagnosed with major depression with psychotic features. In 14 months, I would go from down to dark. I would lose over 30 pounds, be sleep deprived and could not get out of bed. Crucial to my survival was that I was hospitalized and got better. Going back to work was also important. At Telpay, I was treated with dignity, compassion and respect. Now four years later, I am in full recovery, drug free and share my journey from hell to well to help others. Continue reading

Heroes of Mental Health Honoured


Every year the Canadian Mental Health Association – Winnipeg honours and celebrates the victories of people who live with the effects of mental illness. Heroes’ awards acknowledge the many contributions made by individuals, organizations and business to the advancement of mental health. Continue reading

Clara’s Big Ride Arrives in Winnipeg


Telpay is pleased to sponsor Clara Hughes, 6-time Olympic Medalist and native Winnipegger, who will be making a pit stop on June 14th in her hometown during Clara’s Big Ride across Canada, as the spokesperson for Bell Let’s Talk.

Telpay is extremely proud to celebrate Clara’s arrival by sponsoring the VIP Room and T-shirts for Manitoba’s Big Social at the Manitoba Museum on Saturday, June 14 from 7:00 pm – 12:00 am. This will be a fun filled and family friendly event for a great cause, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Mental Health Association-Winnipeg Region. Clara will be giving a keynote address at 8:00. Following this there will be two rooms of live entertainment for guests to party the night away, along with a spectacular silent auction and food. The Dancehall Room will provide DJs and an interactive dance space and the Cabaret Room will feature local talent all night.

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We All Have Mental Health…How’s Yours?


Have you ever heard someone say “I’m fine,” but deep down you know they are not.  It can be a loved one, friend or even a colleague.  When you watch someone go from laid-back, happy and calm to snappy, distracted or sad, it hurts everyone.  It is even harder to try to get help, when they keep telling you they are “fine.”  What they really meant was “phine”… which means not fine at all.  With mental illness, unfortunately it is pretty common to say you’re fine when you really mean phine.

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