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On Innovation

by W.H. (Bill) Loewen

We are regularly reminded of the importance of innovation. Governments often spend large sums encouraging innovation and on so-called centres of innovation. In some cases, it is necessary to add fuel, but that may not be the source of true innovation. It is more a case of solving a known problem than inventing something that did not previously exist.

Probably the most important innovation ever has turned out to be the telephone. It’s invention by Alexander Graham Bell was the direct result of the fact that both his mother and wife were deaf.  He was interested in discovering how the ear worked.  Once he could see that, he determined that he was able to translate that process into building a replica. And that became the telephone.

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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Collect Payments Faster with Telpay

Does your Business have a subscription program or any kind of regular monthly billing? Telpay for Business can help you get paid with our Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs) service.

Your customers authorize you to debit their bank account using the form that we provide. This form assures you that all the bases are covered so that you meet Payment Canada’s requirements.

It’s Payment Canada’s job to establish and enforce the rules and regulations around PADs to make sure they are properly authorized and to protect against improper withdrawals. Want more information on the rules and regulations around PAD’s, please have a look at Payments Canada’s payment guide.
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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Making Your International Payments with Telpay

It’s a global village, and Telpay makes international payments easy. The United Nations recognizes many currencies around the world, and so does Telpay. 

International Payments
Telpay is pleased to partner with Payline by ICE, International Currency Exchange, the engine behind our currency exchange. Payline by ICE has over 40 years of experience in custom international brokerage. Together, Telpay and Payline make international business easier, more cost-effective, and accessible to companies of any size. Payline is a Canadian neighbour, headquartered in Victoria, BC with a great track-record for community involvement as well. 

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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

3 Ways that Telpay Makes B2B Payments Easier

At Telpay, we help build great relationships between businesses and their customers. Like every relationship, the needs can vary considerably from one organization to the next. That’s why we look at every possibility and devise custom solutions. Here are three ways that we’ve made things easier for you:

1. Error-free account number validation
Have you ever wondered how Telpay can immediately validate a customer account number?

Account numbers are often 16 digits long or more, so it’s easy to input it incorrectly. Within each account number, there is always one of the numbers designated as a verification digit. That number corresponds to a complex math formula. At Telpay, we’ve worked out all the formulas required to make sure that account numbers are correct immediately as you finish entering them. Correcting any errors at the point of entry is a lot easier than correcting it at a later stage. We have your back.
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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Capture Summer with Telpay for Business!

Summer is short, and every moment spent inside is a moment you could have spent outdoors in the sun, capturing memories! We want to help you take your summer back.

This summer, during the months of July and August, when you sign up and attend a Telpay Webinar, not only will you learn how Telpay for Business can reduce time spent indoors administering, sending, and approving payments, but you will also be entered for a chance to win a Polaroid Prize pack!

With Telpay’s all-in-one payment system, Telpay for Business can help you streamline and manage all your business payments, saving you time that you can spend enjoying summer!

With a webinar you will learn how to:

Summer Webinar Giveaway

Instantly recapture summer this year, by signing up for a Telpay Webinar! From July to August, we’re giving away one (1) Polaroid Prize Pack each month.

To enter, register and attend any Telpay Webinar during July and August and you’ll be entered into the monthly draw. The more webinars you attend, the higher your odds of winning!

View Webinar Schedule to Register


Giveaway Rules, Terms, and Conditions
– The Contest is open to Telpay for Business Customers and ASP Partners only.

– All entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
– You will receive one entry per FULL webinar attended.
– Winner will be contacted via the email or phone number used to register for a webinar.
– The prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prize is permitted.
– There is no limit to the number of webinars you can register and attend, however, you cannot win more than one prize in the same contest.