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3 Ways Remote Authorization Benefits Your Office


Businesses are always looking for ways to be more efficient with their time, money, communication and ultimately, productivity.  Typically, this process starts off with a management meeting where the team discusses a plan to improve specific office functions and usually you spend time looking at your administrative processes and budget sheets.

Would you believe being more efficient and productive could start with one short and simple email? In fact, you are not even writing this email, it is an auto generated email. How can one email have that big of an effect?  I am referring to Telpay’s remote authorization email. 

Telpay’s remote authorization email allows the signing officer (single or dual) to approve payments while away from the office through an email approval functionality.  The primary user sends an auto generated email directly from the Telpay software with all the payment details that the signing officer requires to approve the payments.

Here are 3 ways that using remote authorization can benefit your office:

Increase productivity
Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to finish a task because the people involved are not in the office.  Remote authorization allows your bookkeepers and accounting department to perform their job tasks fully even when the signing officer isn’t in the office. Bookkeepers and accountants working from home can spend time on what matters most instead of driving around town collecting signatures to ensure payroll and business payments go out on time.

Save money
In addition to increasing productivity, remote authorization helps businesses save money with timely and scheduled payments.  Timely payments can result in saving money by eliminating late fees caused by the delays of tracking down signatures.  Businesses can also save a percentage of their payments by taking advantage of supplier discounts and scheduling payments in advance.   

Go Green
Add some flowers and plants to your office. Remove all those filing cabinets holding copies of pre-signed cheques, cheque stock and envelopes and replace them with a plant or two! Approving payments remotely not only decreases your paper use, but by eliminating the cheque it also eliminates the need to spend time driving around for signatures which releases pollution into the air. You can help keep the environment clean inside and outside your office!

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