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Accounting Practitioners Symposium


Telpay is proud to be a part of the upcoming Accounting Practitioner’s Symposium that is being held in various cities across Canada during the week of Nov. 17 to 21st.

The Accounting Practitioners Symposium is an information resource for Accounting Professionals to examine and bring together different technology to create a simplified and streamlined office process to help grow your business.

The Accounting Practitioner’s Symposium is a new venue that started a year ago to give Accounting professionals a way to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices in a world where technology is evolving in an ever increasing rate. Some of the topics we are going to be talking about are:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Going Paperless
  • Outsourcing
  • New Technology
  • Managing Clients
  • Types of Software
  • Growing Revenue

Throughout the full-day Symposium, leading industry experts will be sharing life experiences with a focus on the common issues that Accounting Professionals face on a daily basis and will provide cost-effective solutions to overcome these issues to help move your business forward. Not only are we going to discuss the issue, but we really focus in bring you actual realistic and cost effective solutions that you can use and implement in your office.

Our goal over the day is to

1. Identify the Issues
that all Accounting Professionals face when running a public practice

2. Examine the Issues
and understand the impact that the root causes have on your time and growing your revenue

3. Provide Solutions
that fit the real world applications which are cost-effective and realistic to implement
You can see all about us and the details of the venue locations at

The Accounting Practitioners Symposium is hosted by Jeff Borschowa who is quickly becoming the leading expert in Canada for Accounting Professionals and Jeff speaks about the latest in software, technology and cloud based solutions as well as speaking about best practices for procedures and processes for accounting professionals to get the most out of their practices. You can see more information about Jeff at

Our venues have been quite popular and we have had over 500 attendees to our last two symposiums and over 95% of our attendees have said they found the topics very informative and said they would definitely attend future symposiums.

We are looking forward to see everyone at our events.