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Avoid Postal Rate Increases with Electronic Payments

Plan for Winter Holidays
The month of January brings with it a new year of possibilities and hopefulness for your business, but it’s also one of the critical times in the calendar as you ready yourself for fee increases.

One of the rates we’re used to seeing rise are for postage, and unfortunately 2017 continues this trend. As Canada Post has recently announced, meter prices for domestic standard letter 0-30g changes to $0.82.

Now on the surface, this increase may not seem like much, but the numbers can add up quickly when you’re sending payments to suppliers, contracted employees and other parties associated with your business. Add in the cost for cheques, supplies and the human resource time of having a staff member (or yourself!) stuffing and sealing envelopes, and the money flowing out of your company starts to grow.

Eliminate this expense quickly and painlessly. With Telpay for Business, your payments are processed quickly and securely. Don’t worry about the post office losing your cheque or hiring a courier to deliver a simple payment.

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