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How the CertPro Accounting Team is Simplifying Business


Originally posted in the IPBC Blog, republished with permission from CertPro Accounting Team
Co-authored by Melissa Michalski, B.Comm(Hons), CPB & Bea Dabrowski, B.A., CPB

Not only is CertPro Accounting Team implementing Value Pricing, we are also finding ways to make our business more efficient and grow our knowledge. When we began this process, we brainstormed areas of our business that were successful, had weaknesses, things we were experts at, and things we didn’t like to do. And we came up with an “ideal customer” for our firm. As we have been going through this journey we are finding ways to make things easier on us and our customers happier.

One of the things I do for many of my clients is payroll. I really enjoy it. Maybe it’s the task of giving people money….. I don’t know!! LOL!!! I was finding it was giving me quite a headache sometimes. What was causing the problem? It wasn’t because I had to make sure that no matter what was on my schedule I HAD to find a way to prepare payroll. Instead, I came to the conclusion I was using too many different payroll providers and I didn’t really know how to use them all efficiently and effectively, and we were writing cheques.

So not only have we switched to Value Pricing, I have now successfully switched all of my clients over to in-house payroll using Telpay as vehicle for direct deposit. I use Telpay when processing everyone’s payroll and all the employees are very happy to receive direct deposit. No more cheque writing or using too many providers. I can focus on one piece of software. This has made my life so much easier. I have customers that I say are becoming “TELPAY HAPPY”. They’re always asking me can Telpay do that. As I get more and more comfortable with the software I am able to complete payroll tasks much quicker and easier. I also have reduced costs (in both fees and cheques) for my customers, which they just love.

Telpay has endless opportunities and is the doorway to the future without cheques. I am finding ways to utilize the software more. I am able to pay government remittances and bills through them as well. Even though I haven’t implemented these features for all customers, I am able to learn about them and know that they are there for me when the timing is right.

May I suggest that you look at your business and find one way to streamline it and make it easier on you and your firm? I promise you will feel more in control of things and have more time to better use on other tasks. You will become an expert without even knowing it. Telpay has become my partner in crime and I know they will always have my back in finding ways to make my customers happy and my business stronger and more efficient.