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Do More with Telpay to Focus on What Matters

Telpay Testimonial – Nitrogen Studios from Telpay on Vimeo.

“We were always looking for ways to help out our processes, so we had more time for the creative side or just so we could get out of here at a reasonable hour” Nicole Stinn, CEO/Executive Producer, Nitrogen Studios.

Have you ever felt like this in your own business? Who doesn’t want more time in their day to work on the things that matter most, without sacrificing a work life balance, to get out of the office early! Meet Nitrogen Studios, located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2009, Nicole signed up with Telpay for payroll. Pleased with Telpay, Nitrogen started using Telpay for source deductions, vendor payments and more. By doing more with Telpay, Nitrogen now has more time to do what matters most, like creating cool world class animated videos.

Check out the video on Nitrogen. You can see for yourself how doing more with Telpay will save you time, so you can work on what matters most in your business.