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Euro, Pound or Peso



Do you need to send a payment to another country?  Have you thought about how you are going to pay that invoice from an international consultant?  With Telpay for Business, you can make international payments efficiently and economically, so you will never have to pay an expensive wire transfer again.

Here is how we do it. 

Telpay is proud to partner with Payline by ICE, our international currency exchange provider.  Our partnership with Payline allows Telpay customers to receive competitive live market exchange rates for payments in international currencies while being able to avoid costly wire fees. With the help of Payline, we are able to make international business easier, more cost-effective, and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Kristin Abrames, Manager of Operations, PayLine by ICE added:

While the USDCAD exchange rate is the general measure of CAD strength, Payline by ICE is seeing more and more clients paying direct in local currencies such as THB, INR, MYR, TWD, and even CNY.  By having these capabilities and competitive exchange rates, they are finding it cheaper than the USD pricing that they are offered, which usually factors in the cost of converting the USD to local currency by the vendor.

A perfect example, are the Canadian snowbirds that go to Mexico.  While their counterparts that go to the southern US are dealing with 12-13 year lows in the CAD value, those traveling to Mexico have seen much more muted effects with buying the MXN.  As such, we advise clients to explore whether there are alternatives to paying in USD that may save them money.  If they need a currency added to Telpay’s International Payments module, this can usually be done fairly quickly upon request.

 Go ahead and make international payments confidently with Telpay and Payline by ICE.  The cost per transaction is only $2, plus you save on expensive wire transfer fees.