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Feeling “Cloudy” When It Comes to Cloud Technology


Our special guest contributor this month is Shannon Valanne of CloudLinx Hosted Services Inc., Big Business IT for Small Business – a cloud-based company that lowers small businesses’ technology expenses while improving their flexibility.

Are you thinking about moving your business to the Cloud, but aren’t sure if the Cloud is right for you? Are you looking for ways to be more profitable without sacrificing quality service to your clients? Overwhelmed with trying to maintain your technology but can’t afford to purchase state of the art hardware and/or hire an IT team? Let me introduce you to our Cloud!

As a small business entrepreneur, you know how important your bottom line is. Deciding the best way to be profitable and save money, yet still provide the service of the Big Guys, can be a challenge.

When deciding to take your business to the Cloud, you should seek out different providers and ask many questions. Then evaluate the needs of your company. Are you looking for sanity, knowing your data is always safe? Are you tired of spending money replacing hardware? Maybe the remote access is attractive; not being tied to an office chair allows you to live the life you deserve and take your accounting software out of the office!

What are the direct benefits to being on a hosted-cloud?

No Learning Curve: No new cloud software that you and your team must take the time to learn and adapt to. This is your software hosted on virtual servers rather than on your local machine. Remotely access software you are familiar with such as TelPay, Client Track, Quickbooks Desktop, Sage, MS Office, Tax Cycle and Visual Tax.

Remote Access:  Login from any location/anywhere, eliminating the need to travel or transfer data via hard drives or USB sticks. With the ability to work from anywhere you might even be able to cut out the overhead of paying for office space and work directly from home.

Eliminate the need for third-party remote control software: Meet, collaborate, and train your users or clients in real-time.

Profitable: Stop spending money on hardware and IT staff – all the processing and storage of your data is happening off-site!

The CloudLinx Team has developed a Cloud solution specifically for Bookkeepers and Accountants.  We allow you instant remote access to your business data and your clients data ,along with the ability to share or collaborate in real time with clients and co-workers, adding secure, redundant backups, and your very own Virtual IT team!

We provide personal and friendly support and are always here to help! Not to mention we will contact your software provider if an issue occurs within the software, so you can concentrate on your business not in your business. Also, have peace of mind in knowing that your data is secured and housed on Canadian soil, monitored 24/7, backed up in multiple locations and accessible from anywhere.