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Get Paid with Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

If you manage a business such as an Insurance Company, Property Management Company, or Day Care (for example),  accepting payments with PAD (pre-authorized debit) can make it easier for your customers to make their payments to you.

Are your customers still sending you cheques? The cost to purchase cheques is on the rise, but the hidden cost of cheques is the loss of time to you both. The customer has to order and prepare cheques and then deliver them to you, either in person or by mail and you may have to make follow-up calls to your customers to ensure that cheque is indeed in the mail. Save your customers time and money – offer them the convenience of PAD.

With PAD, your customers’ details only need to be set up once, after which their payments are debited regularly from their bank account, giving both you and your customer the peace of mind that their payments will be made reliably and hassle-free. Everybody wins!

To get started with Telpay’s PAD service, please download and complete the  Schedule I – Terms and Conditions Pre-Authorized Debit Service. Once completed, email the schedule to or for more information, please call 1-800-665-0302 and select ‘Sales’ from the automated menu. You can also email with any questions you may have.

Get paid with Telpay!