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Global Recognition for Canadian Accounting Icon


Adding to his long list of accomplishments, Alan Salmon was awarded the global ICB LUCA Award for Outstanding Service to the Bookkeeping Profession in Canada at the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada’s Annual Conference.

Alan Salmon CPB (Hon) is an icon and leader in the field of Accounting Technology. He is an influential thought leader, whose focus and passion for technology has helped thousands of accounting professionals become more successful in their field. Through his very popular, Accounting Technology Seminar tours, he has been the trusted voice for accountants and bookkeepers from coast to coast across Canada. A mainstay for 24 years, this popular tour, continues to provide valuable information on technology, training and trends in the accounting industry. Alan is an exceptional educator, marketer and has developed expertise in accounting software development. In addition, he has been an outstanding advocate for accountants and bookkeepers. Alan shares his passion for the industry and wisdom, as an esteemed board member of IPBC

Telpay has had a very solid relationship with Alan. For many years, Telpay has been a major sponsor of Alan’s Accounting Technology Seminars and in 2013, Alan joined the Telpay Board of Directors.

In November, Alan has been invited to travel to the United Kingdom by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, to accept his award at the prestigious International Luca Awards, which are the glitzy Oscars of the international bookkeeping world.

Congratulations from all of us at Telpay. Alan Salmon is truly fitting for the esteemed ICB LUCA Award for Outstanding Service to the Bookkeeping Profession in Canada.