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How to Overcome Client’s Resistance to Change

Change, as they say, is necessary in the business world. Staying at the forefront, if not ahead of the bar in your industry is crucial to your continued success.

When you think about this as a mantra for your business, you know instantly that this applies to your products and services; but it is just as necessary for your operations to be running as efficiently as you move forward. From deciding to remove your fax line to using video conferencing, the way we do business is as important as what business we’re doing.

Change, however, isn’t easily accepted by all parties. Some companies will always be intimidated by the prospect of how their “traditional” methods will be altered. Perfectly fitting into this space is payments, and as you change your payments from cheques to electronic means through Telpay, there will be apprehension.

So how do you ease your client into this “new method” of payment? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Consider how easily the majority of the consumer population – including your client – will use electronic payments rather than cash or cheques for anything from groceries to paying their monthly cell phone bill. The Bank of Canada from 2012 reported that “in particular, there has been a major shift away from paper-based payment instruments, such as cash and cheques, toward electronic means of payment.”

Demonstrating to your clients that your payments to their company using electronic payment systems is no different and is as secure (if not more so) than their accepting payments by credit card, debit or e-transfer will bring their understanding around fairly quickly. Showing them how a payment is made through Telpay’s software system will only help in assuaging their concerns.

Of course, Telpay is here to help as much as you need. Our library of resources is available to you 24-7 online. Feel free to share these guides with the businesses you work with – they’ll appreciate your understanding that much more and move forward comfortably with you as you embark on your electronic payment journey.