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How to Transition Back to Work this Fall

fall-back-workHow come summer always seems to end too soon? As Canadians, that is our reality of living in a beautiful country with four distinct seasons. Instead of thinking of fall as an end of summer or time to get back to work, how about a time for a change, just like the leaves changing colours.

Here are four tips to help make your transition into fall a more enthusiastic and upbeat experience:

Organize: To increase your productivity and help you feel a sense of accomplishment, consider organizing your work area or office, including your computer files or folders. Remember cleaning is not just a spring thing, but can also help you get organized in the fall.

Prioritize: Jumping back into everything all at once can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It is better to prioritize what needs to get done right away. Try to sort through emails, projects and deal with the most important ones first. Prioritizing will relieve stress and get you back in the work groove.

Efficiency: Find ways to be more efficient with processes at work.  Do you find you are spending too much time doing things manually in your payables process? With Telpay for Business, you can streamline your payable process by paying multiple accounts in one transaction or scheduling payment dates that suit your cash flow.

Routine: After a busy summer, it feels great to get back into a routine. Everyone is unique with different lives and schedules. Going back to a routine can be as easy as going to bed at a regular time, bringing your lunch to work or even getting back to the gym. Only you know what works and feels best for you.

So next time when your alarm goes off, we hope that these tips will get you more confident about work, by embracing the change that fall brings. Besides shoes are still better than sorrels!