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Non-Processing Days That You Need to Know


At Telpay, we do not process payments on statutory holidays. We refer to these holidays as non-processing days.

Due to the nature of our service, we rely on banks and credit unions to move money.  When the banks close for the holidays, Telpay cannot process any payments.  If your payment is on or around a holiday (non-processing day), you will need to add a day(s) to your funding timeline or adjust your payment deposit date.

When are the upcoming non-processing days?

  • Christmas Day – Friday, December 25, 2015
  • Boxing Day – Saturday, December 26, 2015 *observed on Monday, December 28, 2015
  • New Years – Friday, January 1, 2016
  • Provincial Holiday – Monday, February 15 , 2016 *observed in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and PEI
  • Good Friday – Friday, March 25, 2016
  • Victoria Day – Monday, May 23 , 2016
  • Canada Day – Friday, July 1, 2016
  • Civic Holiday – Monday, August 1, 2016
  • Labour Day – Monday, September 5, 2016
  • Thanksgiving – Monday, October 10, 2016
  • Remembrance Day – Friday, November 11, 2016

What if I want to make a payment on a statutory holiday?

Since banks are closed on statutory holidays, Telpay cannot  process any payments you submit on non-processing days.  Adjust your payment date(s) to accommodate non-processing days.

How do non-processing days affect my funding?

Non-processing days are also non-funding days.  Non-processing days are not included in the total lead time for payment funding.  You will need to adjust the number of lead time days to fund your payables and payroll on time.

Does Telpay send out holiday reminders?

We do our best to give customers advanced notice of upcoming non-processing days. We send our customers non-processing day reminders by email, monthly newsletters, Telpay’s social media channels and the important dates are listed online at

Plan ahead for the holidays!

The holiday season is right around the corner!  During the holidays, Telpay will not process or accept funding for any payments on December 25, December 28 and January 1. Start planning now for your payroll and/or payables with our handy Funding Timeline Schedule.

Plan your payments ahead so that you can focus on what matters most this holiday season.