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How to Manage Accounts Receivable with Pre-Authorized Debits

One thing we probably do not focus enough on here at Telpay is our ability to let our clients manage their accounts receivable through pre-authorized debits (PADs). Imagine having all your accounts receivable collected on a single day with virtually no effort. That is what PADs can do for you.

Payments Canada has a set of PAD rules and standards that all businesses have to follow. These rules protect the account holder from abuse. However, as long as requirements are met, this is a service of significant advantage to everyone.

PADs are the best option to use when collecting recurring payments such as rents, mortgages, monthly fees, and insurance premiums. However, regular monthly billings such as bookkeeping and accounting service fees, professional and club dues can also be collected by this method. You must have your customer’s permission to debit their bank accounts. PAD samples used by our clients are reviewed to make sure they meet the requirements established by Payments Canada. Getting that permission is most often built into your agreement with your customer.

With Telpay for Business electronic payment software, you can efficiently manage your collections list, import a collection file, and maintain the collection file. If you are an existing Telpay for Business customer, to get started all you need to do is apply for the PAD service. There is a setup fee and transaction fee, but no extra monthly fee, making it even more affordable to use.

Here are some tips for a successful implementation of PADs:

1. Make sure your billings are of a type that suits the requirements of Payments Canada. Only recurring types of billings are permitted.

2. Get permission from your customers to debit their bank account using the required form.

3. Notify your customers when you are ready to begin debiting them. Telpay notifies its customers that they will be debiting approximately ten (10) days in advance of actual debit. This gives your customers time to view your bill before they are debited.

4. With our PAD service, you send us a file of your monthly debits. Telpay will then debit your customers on the day specified and forward the funds to your bank account as soon as they are cleared. Typically there is a four (4) day hold.

To learn more about PADs, contact 1-800-665-0302 or visit

Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Critical Factors to Consider Before Offering International Payments

As our world becomes smaller and globalization continues to be a reality for business, the need for international payments and understanding the requirements and nuances of this important service are crucial as your customers’ needs become more frequent and complex. International payments will be a featured series over the next several months, which will provide insight on the benefits of international payments, regulations, and how to protect your business against any risks involved. Keep an eye out for the upcoming articles and learn how to use international payments to help your business evolve and expand.

We are pleased to have Mr. Paul Rechner, MBA, President of Payline by ICE, provide his insights, thoughts, and perspectives on International Payments as part of our Telpay Expert Series. 

Critical Factors to Consider Before Offering International Payments

Being able to open up options for sourcing products, materials or services from outside of Canada allows businesses a competitive edge, both in terms of variety and potentially cost, but it can come with some intimidating steps including language barriers, customs clearing, foreign exchange accounting and management of exchange rates and payments.

It is crucial, as these needs grow, to understand what payment methods are available to make payment to vendors in different regions and to be able to assess the cost and convenience to find the right mix for your needs. Understand that there are methods that can be convenient for you, but detrimental to your vendors and methods that are convenient for your vendors but costly for you, and ultimately strive for methods that work well for both parties.

Those new to dealing with international payments often tend to use their existing Canadian credit cards, and by doing so, incur merchant fees for their vendors (approx. 2.5%) and are usually paying a markup on the exchange rate of around 3.5%, meaning that there is 6% of the payment value funding the process. This is fine for smaller payments, but adds up when they grow. Similarly, there are online-oriented payment providers like Paypal, that are quick and efficient, but again, can be costly in terms of exchange rates and not suitable for growing payments or for all vendors.

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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Why You Should Use an Online Payroll Provider

Our special guest contributor this month is one of our Payroll Partners, Brad Rougeau of PayTickr, a cloud-based mobile time tracking with payroll system that offers small, mobile businesses a simple and affordable system for keeping track of their employees and automating payroll runs.

It’s that time of the month again – payroll. This may well be an exciting time for your team members who are anticipating a payment, but not for you, or whoever is responsible for payroll. You know exactly how much time and effort it takes, and if the process does not go smoothly, you could end up with some issues – including ornery employees. As someone who runs payroll for multiple companies with upwards of 20 employees, I can relate.

To manage this process efficiently and effectively, I use an online payroll provider, and I think everyone should consider this type of payroll service for their business. All you need to do is supply the system with relevant employee details. Once you input the data into the software, the rest of the payroll process will essentially take care of itself.

Why should you use an online payroll provider? Here are three compelling reasons to consider it.

1. It saves you time

Manually processing your payroll can be time-consuming. We already know that. However, in the grand scheme of things, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Frustration tends to trickle down to your employees when their cheque or direct deposit takes a surprising amount of time to clear.

Last year, the Canadian Payroll Association conducted a survey and reported that 47 percent of respondents said it would be difficult to meet their financial obligations if their paycheque was delayed.

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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

The Right Payment Fit For You!

Telpay’s all-in-one payment system, Telpay for Business has more features than you may know. Which features are you using and which ones are you not? More importantly, which features are the right fit for you and your business?

For example, Telpay for Business not only processes payroll direct deposit but it also allows you to make payments to anyone, anywhere.

We have these and many more features to help you streamline and manage all your business payments. Join a webinar to find the right fit for you!

February Webinar Giveaway

Register and attend any Telpay webinar in February to learn all of what Telpay for Business can do for you and your business. You’ll be entered to win a Fitbit Blaze! Attend more than one webinar to increase your chances to win.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL WEBINARS ARE SCHEDULED IN CENTRAL TIME. Please adjust the webinar start times according to your time zone.

Giveaway Rules, Terms, and Conditions
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– You will receive one entry per FULL webinar attended.
– Winner will be contacted on March 5, 2018, via the email or phone number used to register for a webinar.
– The prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prize is permitted.
– See complete Contest Terms and Conditions