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Streamlining Operations: A Small Business Success Story

In the spirit of Small Business Month, we’re excited to share an inspiring success story that highlights how innovative payment solutions can empower small businesses to achieve growth and efficiency. Meet Paul Aucoin, the founder of Aucoin Enterprises, a thriving small business that has effectively utilized Telpay’s payment platform to simplify operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Paul Aucoin is the driving force behind Aucoin Enterprises, a nimble team of seven highly skilled professionals. With over a decade of industry experience, they specialize in accounting, bookkeeping, business management, and payroll services. Despite their small size, they’ve made a significant impact by serving a diverse clientele, including film and television, the music industry, iconic Toronto coffee shops, and so much more.

Paul’s business encountered a common challenge faced by many small enterprises—efficiently managing electronic funds transfers (EFT). They explored various tools and even tried solutions provided by banks, but none quite fit the bill.

Reflecting on the situation, Paul candidly shares, “Before Telpay, it wasn’t easy to provide EFT payments. I have worked with the Big 5 Banks EFT systems and I much prefer the ease and time saving synchronization of Telpay.  One of the biggest reasons is Telpay’s ability to integrate with bookkeeping software, an advantage not offered by other EFT providers. The team of course as well as everyone at Telpay has been fantastic to work with over the years.”

Today, Paul and his business thrive with Telpay’s efficient payment system. They’ve harnessed Telpay’s seamless integration with their bookkeeping software to transform their financial operations, resulting in precious time and cost savings. In addition, Telpay has simplified their payment processing with greater ease, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

And with Telpay’s exceptional customer care team, Paul’s small business is supported by Telpay every step of the way, Paul expresses: “Everyone is top level, fabulous and always helpful. Including supporting accounts that have moved on or are related to film/web series, which often have shorter lifespans. I’ve had at least 20 TelPay accounts, if not more, and it’s the best.”

Paul’s journey with his small business serves as a testament to the positive impact that innovative solutions like Telpay can have on small business. Aucoin Enterprises’ story exemplifies how a small business can use technology like Telpay to streamline operations, save valuable time and resources, and provide outstanding service to clients.