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Pay All Your Bills and Save!

When we speak with a new client, a common question that comes up is about the breadth of bills and payments you can make using Telpay for Business.

We tell them – at times to their surprise – is that the possibilities are endless. Not only can you provide secure payments to your suppliers, but to your basic business service providers as well. Company credit cards, phone, electricity, internet providers… they are all within your sphere of payments through Telpay; and the more you do with us, the more you save!

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you have a fleet of salespeople whom you have provided Smartphones for from a national provider such as Rogers or Telus. Rather than paying each bill separately, consolidate all your plans through your one Telpay payment, and your transaction fees drop exponentially. While your first phone would be 50 cents, the remaining phones would be just 10 cents each. We don’t need to tell you how quickly those savings add up!

Remember – you can add or delete any of your payees at any time and alter your payments seamlessly with Telpay.

To learn how to make payments to multiple accounts, visit our online support.