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Pay Utilities (and more) with Telpay

Have you ever missed a bill payment deadline? Have you come into the office one morning, only to see a “Payment Overdue” email waiting for you? It happens. Busy schedules prevent us from going to the bank, or if a payment date falls on a day we’re away from the office.

That’s what makes Telpay so convenient – each and every one of your bills can be scheduled and remitted in advance when it’s convenient for you! From electricity to cell phones, all your bills are covered with your Telpay for Business all-in-one payment software.

Take for example your hydro. Just as you would do with any other supplier or vendor payment, simply import the payment details or enter it directly into Telpay for Business.

Remember: Electronic payments with Telpay cost just 50 cents – less than the price of a stamp, and you can do it from the comfort of your office rather than going out in the chilly autumn weather!

To learn more, join an upcoming Telpay payables webinar and interact with others who may have the same questions that you do.