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Plug into Telpay’s Bill Payment Engine


If you are a bank, credit union, retail store, cash store or any sort of financial provider that accepts bill payments, you can “plug and pay” into Telpay’s bill payment processing engine. We provide a simple record specification that allows you to batch bill payment requests into a file and send them to Telpay. At the same time, you send us the funds to cover the payments via your lead bank’s bill payment system (Telpay is a biller on most financial institution’s on line bill payment systems) or via wire transfer.  We process the payments next business day.

In addition we provide online tools to search for billers as well as to verify biller account numbers. This way you can advise your customers immediately if the biller account number entered was incorrect. Telpay makes every effort to ensure that only clean data gets sent to billers. We provide reporting that includes duplicate payments, large dollar payments, etc…

We  also have enhanced specifications that allow for remitting government payments such as CRA Current Source Deductions, GST, etc…

If you prefer an “out of the box” solution , Telpay offers a powerful  browser based bill payment system called WebOTC where payments can be manually keyed by your staff. It has the same features as our plug and pay including fund transfers and the ability to Pay Anyone in Canada.

The benefits to your organization with either plug and pay or WebOTC are the ability to provide bill payment functionality (including government remittances ) to your customers without having to develop relationships with over 5,000 billers. As well little development is required with plug and pay and virtually no development is required with WebOTC.

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