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PTE Appreciates Telpay

Audience_Slider_Mainpage_ptePhoto: Robert Metcalfe, PTE’s Artistic Director

Guest Blogger:   Our special guest contributor for this blog post is Cherry Karpyshin, General Manager of Prairie Theatre Exchange.

Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE) wishes Telpay a very Happy 30th Anniversary.  PTE’s first partnership with Telpay’s founder, Mr. W.H. (Bill) Loewen goes back many years to Comcheq.  In 1985, we desperately needed a corporate sponsor for our new play, SECTION 23:  THE FRENCH LANGUAGE REVIEW.  Upon reading our plea in the newspaper for corporate support of this controversial subject, Mr. Loewen took the initiative and called to say Comcheq would support the production.  From this day forward to the founding of Telpay in 1985, this company and its predecessor is and has been a true supporter of our work.  Telpay understands and values risk, research and development, return on investment, partnerships and building relationships which PTE also relies on to do the work we do.  Because of these values, Telpay and PTE have been most fortunate to work together over many projects.   We wish Telpay many, many more years of success while continuing to be an important supporter in the work of not only PTE but for many other not for profit organizations.  Bravo!