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Spring into a Clean Office


Hooray, winter is almost done…well here in Winterpeg we can only hope so…and it is time to look forward to spring. As we shift seasons, it is also a time to get organized with the traditional spring clean. Besides putting away the parka and getting out the rake at home, you should also think about getting organized at the office too. Here are five tips for a successful office spring clean:

Organize: Start to organize your work area or office, as well as your computer files or folders. This will help you feel a sense of accomplishment. Clearing the clutter will help you be more productive. Remember cleaning is totally a spring thing, so embrace the change in seasons and clean up your office too.

Prioritize: Do you have projects that are piling up like snowbanks? Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, start to prioritize what really needs to get done right away. Sort through emails, projects and deal with the most important ones first. Prioritizing your tasks will relieve stress and put that spring back into your step.

Be positive: Your mental health and state of mind have a significant effect on your professional and personal life too! It has been well documented that people with a positive attitude are more energetic, peaceful and calm. Now with the warmer weather, you can choose to be a ray of light or stay cold as ice.

Get Active: After a winter of hibernation, it is time to get active. Everyone is unique with different lives and schedules. Getting active can be as easy as going for a walk at lunch or going to the gym. Only you know what works and feels best for you.

Challenge yourself: What have you always wanted to do, but you are still not doing it? Do you want to join Toastmasters, try yoga or learn guitar? Stop the excuses and sign up for something that tweaks your interest. Expanding your horizons, will give you a sense of personal satisfaction, growth and make you happier at work.

So as the days start getting longer, we hope that these five tips will help you spring into the spring season at your office. It is nice to know that we are shifting from sorrels to shoes and sandals soon!