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Happy Travels: 8 Tips on How to Work Remotely

1-Bea+family (2)Guest Blogger:  Bea Dabrowski, BA CPB, Co-Owner of CertPro Accounting Team Inc in Winnipeg.

What’s your passion in life?  Mine is travel.  And I don’t mean taking short little holidays here and there.  By travel, I mean uprooting my family for several months or longer and living like a local in a foreign culture. Having grown up in three different countries, having attended schools in all of them, and having had to learn a new language each time, I don’t see any other way to live for me.  This is my normal.  And now my family’s as well.  My son, when not in Canada, attends a local school in a local language, learning a new culture.

If this sounds outlandish to you, you are probably thinking, how can a person make a living and be successful and financially stable, while leading a seemingly chaotic lifestyle like mine.  Well, let me tell you, I am not the only one and not the first one to do this.

If living elsewhere for even part of the year (perhaps to avoid the insane Canadian winter), has ever crossed your mind – let me tell you, it is quite feasible.  The person who inspires me the most and will surely inspire you as well, is the American author/life hacker Tim Ferriss (you can check out his blog here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/4-hour-workweek-tools/).  His blog and book contain all the steps you need to take in order to “escape” the office.

But what tools do you need in order to work remotely?

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