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Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Emerging Issues Conference

Telpay was pleased to sponsor the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association’s Emerging Issues conference last week. As many businesses continue to navigate the pragmatics of working from home, virtual conferences provide missing opportunities to forge our connections and promote our businesses.

Here’s a short video recap of Telpay presentation.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Adapting to a Changing World.” The keynote speakers, the strong Indigenous content, and practical discussions were inspiring and useful. The Aboriginal Business Leaders Panel and Aboriginal Elders Panel presented strong visions and opportunities on the path towards reconciliation. The MEIA Students Chapter Panel highlighted the real strength of today’s environmental education and offered a grounded sense of hope for the future. The call to heat our buildings and operate industries without natural gas was affirming numerous examples of how this can be achieved. And of course, what all businesses are discussing these days – post-Covid strategies. How can we use what we have learned through the Covid experience to continue to evolve towards a just and sustainable future? Undoubtedly the most important call to action. Never waste a good crisis.

To learn more about the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association and their programs, have a look at their website at www.meia.mb.ca