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Telpay Starts Dialogue on Payment Systems in Canada

A copy of the Annual Report of Telpay Incorporated Trust Account for the year ending April 30, 2014 is now available.  It describes in detail the manner in which Telpay, Canada’s leading independent payment service provider, manages the billions of funds we handle annually. In addition to making it available to our customers and the public, Telpay is also sending it to Members of Parliament and the Senate, who are in the process of deliberations regarding payment systems in Canada.

Telpay is a long time trusted payment service provider.  We are pleased that the operations of Payments Service Providers are being reviewed at various regulatory levels.  Our 46 years of experience in handling payroll deposits and electronic bill payments, qualifies Telpay to suppose our experiences and procedures that are worthy for all MP’s and Senators to considers.  To read the complete letter, click here.

To summarize, a vibrant payment service industry with numerous participants is the best means of ensuring innovation, efficiency and fair pricing in the electronic payment field.   We also believe that adoption of certain Telpay procedures could leap frog Canada into a world leadership position in electronic payment systems.

In addition to sending the letter and Annual Report, Telpay is also arranging webinars for all MP’s and Senators who are interested in learning more.  As our customers, we welcome your participation. If interested in attending a webinar please send an email to tpmarketing@telpay.ca with Payment Webinar in subject line.  Telpay will advise you of date and time it will be held.