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A Tribute from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra


Guest Blogger:   Our special guest contributor for this blog post is Trudy Schroeder, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  

Over many decades, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) has been fortunate to have the interest, support and encouragement of Mr. Bill Loewen. As he celebrates his birthday this month and TelPay celebrates 30 years of existence, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra wants to recognize the important role that Mr. Loewen and Telpay have played in the success of the WSO.

From the earliest days of his involvement with the WSO, Mr. Loewen included services of his companies in with his support of the symphony. The WSO is probably among the first clients of TelPay and we have been very happy with the service and relationship with this innovative and client oriented company. For many years Telpay has sponsored a summer season with performances at the Forks, Lyric Theatre and Kenora during the months when the WSO had previously been absent from the community. Both Bill and Shirley Loewen have been active parts of the continuing vitality and musical service of the WSO to the larger community.

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