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Telpay Adds to its Growing List of Payroll Providers

Telpay is pleased to officially announce that we have added the PayTickr mobile time tracking and payroll solution to our expanding payroll partner roster.

PayTickr provides an easy-to-use, mobile time tracking and online payroll system for existing and new Telpay clients.

Its integration with Telpay for Business™ delivers a comprehensive, all-in-one payroll and payment system, providing customers with:

  • Access to an easy-to-use, cloud-based payroll and time management tool
  • GPS-tracking that enables you to monitor your employees’ locations in real-time
  • Automated, to-the-second time tracking imports employee hours for a seamless payroll run
  • One-time setup source deductions, including CRA, as well future-dating deductions separate from your payroll submission
  • Report creation on the total number of hours per employee or number of hours worked at a particular job
  • All aspects of payroll for salaried and hourly employees with direct deposit to their bank accounts

As with all of our partner platforms, service and support for PayTickr is provided by your trusted Telpay Customer Care team. For more information, including pricing and a time-limited offer, please visit or contact