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We All Have Mental Health…How’s Yours?


Have you ever heard someone say “I’m fine,” but deep down you know they are not.  It can be a loved one, friend or even a colleague.  When you watch someone go from laid-back, happy and calm to snappy, distracted or sad, it hurts everyone.  It is even harder to try to get help, when they keep telling you they are “fine.”  What they really meant was “phine”… which means not fine at all.  With mental illness, unfortunately it is pretty common to say you’re fine when you really mean phine.

This week is the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) 63rd Annual Mental Health Week May 5th -11th.  This year’s theme is Be Mind Full and the goal is to start a conversation with Canadians by asking them how they really feel?    By talking about mental health, we can create a safe, compassionate and supportive environment, so people don’t have to hide their mental illness at home or in the workplace.

The reality is that 20% of our population lives with stress, depression and other forms of mental illness.  Sadly many don’t seek treatment because of the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. This year Mental Health Week is not only talking about awareness, but also challenges Canadians to look at their own their attitudes towards people with mental illness.  By changing our own attitude first, we can all work towards smashing stigma.

As a proud 2013 Hero of Mental Health in the Business Category, Telpay is embracing Mental Health Week.  Activities include yoga, a walking challenge and daily mental health tips.  At Telpay we are not only a cool company, but a caring family.  Along with activities, Telpay is encouraging a dialogue, so that everyone in our company feels safe to talk about mental health.  Our goal is to ensure that nobody in our Telpay Family ever has to fake another “I’m fine,” and gets the help they need.