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There are several reasons that Telpay is the payment solution partner of choice – trust, security, flexible payment methods, unparalleled billers and others that we have talked about in this space.

One of the most overlooked Telpay reasons, however, is the way we collect and manage supplier’s bank account information.

We Collect
With traditional EFT systems, businesses typically need to contact suppliers and ask for their bank account information. For most businesses, gathering this information is a hassle because a supplier won’t have the information at hand or they are reluctant to provide it over the phone or email. If a supplier’s bank account information is not in Telpay’s database, we will contact the supplier to get their information so that an electronic payment can be made.

We Manage
Telpay not only collects supplier’s banking information, we also manage and securely store their information in our Biller database. This is to ensure payments are always sent to the correct bank account and payment information is delivered in exactly the format that they prefer, such as email, fax or efile, along with invoice and customer account numbers, if required.

Take the stress out of your transactions and simplify your supplier payments with Telpay. To learn more, contact one of our representatives by email at or call us at 1-800-665-0302.