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3 Ways that Telpay Makes B2B Payments Easier

At Telpay, we help build great relationships between businesses and their customers. Like every relationship, the needs can vary considerably from one organization to the next. That’s why we look at every possibility and devise custom solutions. Here are three ways that we’ve made things easier for you:

1. Error-free account number validation
Have you ever wondered how Telpay can immediately validate a customer account number?

Account numbers are often 16 digits long or more, so it’s easy to input it incorrectly. Within each account number, there is always one of the numbers designated as a verification digit. That number corresponds to a complex math formula. At Telpay, we’ve worked out all the formulas required to make sure that account numbers are correct immediately as you finish entering them. Correcting any errors at the point of entry is a lot easier than correcting it at a later stage. We have your back.

2. Tracking Multiple Payments and Multiple Invoices
Do you receive multiple invoices each month from your suppliers? If so, Telpay can help you keep track of paid and outstanding invoices. Back when we lived in a paper world, you might have received two copies of each invoice with one to be returned with your cheque payment. You don’t need to do that in an electronic world. Instead, Telpay enables you to indicate paid invoices. In special cases that require additional information, Telpay provides customized screen formats. Not all payment systems offer you that much detail. Good relationships come from attention to detail.

3. Making Government Payments Uncomplicated
It’s a fact of life that every business has to make many kinds of government payments. Each government branch has different submission requirements with their payments. Some require multiple pieces of information and even calculations based on that information. When we set up all billers, including governments, we determine exactly what information the biller requires and then include those in the biller’s forms. You don’t have to remember what they need. We do it for you.

Over and over, Telpay has excelled in meeting all our customers’ needs and developing methods of interfacing with different organizations’ systems.

It’s all part of building lasting relationships.