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Making Your International Payments with Telpay

It’s a global village, and Telpay makes international payments easy. The United Nations recognizes many currencies around the world, and so does Telpay. 

International Payments
Telpay is pleased to partner with Payline by ICE, International Currency Exchange, the engine behind our currency exchange. Payline by ICE has over 40 years of experience in custom international brokerage. Together, Telpay and Payline make international business easier, more cost-effective, and accessible to companies of any size. Payline is a Canadian neighbour, headquartered in Victoria, BC with a great track-record for community involvement as well. 

To make payments, it’s easy to create an account with Payline by ICE and set up the international payments module from within your Telpay Business software. Then all you have to do is select a foreign currency for your payment, and Payline does the conversion work. You can send your payment anywhere in the world – no more frustrations with conversions. 

Compare us with our competitors, and you’ll see that we offer the lowest fee-for-service for international payments. 

Want to learn how to get started with International Payments, read our Getting Started Guide or Join a Webinar

Special Option for US Dollar Payments

If you regularly send and/or receive payments in US dollars, you will want to consider having a Canadian US Dollar bank account. We’ll set up a separate Telpay for Business access number that will deposit to and draw funds from that bank account. 

Since you are paying in US funds from a US dollar account, there is no conversion fee. This is a more cost-effective way to make regular USD payments and receivables. 

If you want to know more about International and US Dollar Payments with Telpay, contact or call 1-800-6765-0302.