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Balancing the Books and Life Too


Wendy Nagtegaal is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) who has been keeping books for over 20 years. In 2005, Wendy decided to start her own practice and launched Winnipeg Bookkeeping Service. Today, Winnipeg Bookkeeping has grown with four full time employees and boasts a client list of over 30 businesses. Wendy is not only busy as a bookkeeper, but also a busy mom and grandmother.  Or as Wendy stated, “it is a good kind of busy.”

Wendy is all about balancing her life professionally and personally. Wendy has been married 25 years, has five children aged 12 to 23 and also two grandchildren. Their family lives on five acres and have two horses for pleasure riding. Her oldest son just graduated as a paramedic with honours, one of her daughters is a published author and two daughters perform at the Black Light Theatre. “We don’t have a lot of time, but we always make time for our family,” says Wendy.

As if being a busy as a business woman, mom and grandmother was not enough, Wendy also makes time to coach basketball. Two days a week, Wendy, her husband and two daughters volunteer to coach the Junior Girls Basketball Team at Immanuel Christian School, that her youngest daughter is on. “It is important and gratifying to give back to the younger children,” says Wendy.

Telpay is a valuable part of Wendy’s work and life balance. Telpay saves Wendy valuable time on payroll, payables and she feels the strength is the ability to pay vendors across the country. Wendy loves Telpay’s Remote Authorization feature. She never wants to go back to chasing signatures, costly couriers and mail. Wendy is very happy with Telpay, especially with on-going improvements to the software.

As for the holiday season, Wendy took the time from her very busy schedule to join Telpay at the IPBC Christmas Party. “Thanks Telpay, it was an awesome event and I really enjoyed meeting new IPBC members,” says Wendy.

We think you are pretty awesome too Coach Wendy!