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Easy Payments in the Summer

The signs of summer are all around us. Street vendors are out, signs for festivals are going up around the city, and the smell of barbeques are permeating everywhere.

Yes, summer is a relaxing time of year, but just because you’re taking a couple of weeks vacation doesn’t mean that your payments are also. Amid the rush to get out to the cabin or shutting down your office early on a Friday, it’s easy to forget to make a payment.

The good news is that with Telpay, you can authorize payments from anywhere you receive email.

Yes, you read that right. Whether you’re at the farmer’s market or on your boat, if you’ve got a signal, you’ve got a payment made, thanks to Telpay’s remote authorization email capabilities.

How does it work?
The bookkeeper or accountant on your Telpay account sends an email directly from the Telpay for Business software with payment details that you as a signing officer require for approving payments.

The benefits of remote authorization include:

  • Increased productivity – No need to wait for your signing officer to come back from their holidays. Your office can progress with projects that involve supplier payments.
  • Financial savings – Don’t let payment deadlines lapse and incur interest cost. Take advantage of advantage of sales that your suppliers may have over the summer.
  • Getting greener – Don’t worry about pre-signed cheques in the office. Keep the space clean – and green – in your office for the summer months.

To learn more about remote authorization, join us for one of our upcoming webinars. As a bonus, you’ll receive a gift card for Starbucks or Dairy Queen so you can further enjoy summer with a special treat, courtesy of Telpay.

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