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The Cost of Processing Cheques

One of the questions that may come up with businesses you speak to is – “What are the cost savings when you eliminate cheques from your business payments?”

For your convenience, we have a simple Savings Calculator to show your clients just how much they can save.

Using this calculator will help give a perspective not only of the overall payment process but how many pieces go into each cheque sent out in the mail.

The Savings Calculator considers elements such as postage and the cost for cheques, but then comes other factors such as bank fees and forms, along with intangibles such as assembly and the actual mailing. Quickly, you will see how the cost of continuing with cheque payments adds up.

We also take into consideration another aspect – time. If businesses are writing cheques or balancing books with a ledger and chequebook, they spend more time than needed to keep records up to date.

This time, particularly for emerging business owners, can better be spent planning and growing their company. For those who have led or been part of a company for a longer period, well, it goes without saying just how much more time is needed in a day.

Bearing in mind these factors, you can easily show what payments through Telpay’s processing system can do for their business. Whether it’s a regularly-scheduled amount that goes to a supplier or a one-off, they will save time and money thanks to Telpay for Business payment software.

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