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Tammy Lloyd Bookkeeping Easily Transitions to ePayments

Tammy Lloyd began her business Tammy Lloyd Bookkeeping in June 2013 after deciding she wanted to work closer to home. She provides bookkeeping and year-end pre-audit preparation for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Before using Telpay, her clients struggled to get vendor payments in on time. She would sign up non-profit clients who needed to make arrangements with signing authorities to sign cheques.

“Volunteer board members would need to take time out of their already busy schedules to physically stop by the office and sign cheques.”

Another one of her client’s office structure had changed with some of the office team working remotely. Having two people in the office at the same time to get signatures was completely inconvenient.

In November of 2015 Tammy signed up with Telpay, and it took less than a month to transition her clients to electronic payments.

“Board and staff members were hesitant to change in fear of no longer remaining compliant.”

Tammy finds her clients becoming more and more receptive to this payment technology. She uses Telpay for bill payments and government remittances and is especially a fan of the remote authorization feature.

“My business has become much more efficient. With each client I setup a regular processing schedule enabling signing authorities to get accustomed to receiving notifications from Telpay seeking approval of invoices on specific dates. Vendors become aware that payments are issued on specific dates as well. The wonderful thing about Telpay is that I can offer bookkeeping services entirely virtual. Clients don’t need to be in the same city to review and approve payments. “

Tammy loves promoting Telpay to her clients. She compares our monthly fee and transaction costs to that of purchasing envelopes and stamps when she used to write cheques. She also loves how her clients refer to the Telpay process as so easy.