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Helping New Canadians Adapt with Momentum Centre


Sukhjinder and Hardik with the Telpay Management Team

Can you imagine moving to Canada, when English is your second or third language, you don’t know the customs or have any idea what Winnipeg winters are really like? Well that is exactly what Sukhjinder Toor and Hardik Patel faced, when they immigrated to Canada.

Originally from Delhi India, Sukhjinder and her family moved to Canada in June 2012. Born in Gujarat India and living in Kenya for nine years, Hardik and his family came to Canada in November 2012. In Sukhjinder and Hardik’s journey to find work, they both fortunately found the Momentum Centre.

It was through the Momentum Centre Co-Op Program that both Sukhjinder and Hardik were hired full time at Telpay.  The Momentum Centre, which is a not-for-profit career training centre that helps new Canadians find meaningful careers. Based in Winnipeg, the Centre was built on the idea that finding work relevant to skill set is a powerful way of motivating and empowering individuals in a new country. The program includes leadership, professional development, training and Co-op work experience.

Sukhjinder, who was a Human Resource and Accounting Professional in India, began working at Telpay in March 2013 and is part of our Accounting Support Team. She chose Canada because, “it is beautiful country, I wanted to have the best for my daughter and be with my loved ones already here.” As for the Momentum Centre, it was a wonderful experience and she always remembers her trainer’s words, “to be a good citizen, love, respect, share, care and be peer support for others new to Canada.” Sukhjinder, her husband and daughter are amazed at how friendly everyone is in Manitoba. As for winter, “after the heat in India,” Sukhjinder described it as, “heaven on earth.”  It also makes her appreciate our hot Manitoba summers even more.

Hardik, who was an Accounting and Financial Professional in Kenya, started at Telpay in August 2013 and is part of our Trust Support Team. He chose Canada, “not only for more opportunities, but there are also less robberies and violence in general compared to Kenya.”  On the Momentum Centre, Hardik stated, “I am grateful for the meaningful work experience and learning how to adapt to Canadian culture.” Hardik and his wife now enjoy, “the amazing parks and lakes in Manitoba.” As for his first winter, Hardik explained, “it was a terrible at first, because I had never experienced anything colder than +12 degree Celsius, but you get used to it.”

Telpay is very proud of our ongoing support of the Momentum Centre. We are thrilled to have Hardik and Sukhjinder on the Telpay Team and part of our Telpay Family.