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The Great Art of Selling: Relationships Matter


Who doesn’t want to grow their business? To do that, you will be required to sell yourself and your product. We understand not everyone is a natural-born salesperson so that is why over the next couple of issues; we will be exploring the great art of selling. We’ll be covering the basics and providing you with tips to help you leave a positive impression on your clients and prospects.

Relationships still matter.
Did you know that people tend to do business with the people they know, like and trust? The best way to achieve “know, like and trust” is to build a genuine relationship with your clients by building good rapport. Rapport is not just about being chitty chatty; it is about connecting with others in a deeper and more sincere way.

How Do You Build Rapport?
Be Positive: When you are dealing with your clients, always remember to remain positive no matter the situation or the attitude of the people you are dealing with. People might put up with a negative person in the short term, but they will be unlikely to engage in a long term relationship with them.

Listen with Intent: Communication is a two-way process. The best way to engage and communicate with your clients is to really listen and take in what they are saying. Give them time and space to communicate their thoughts before making any assumptions. Try asking questions and reiterating what they say to make sure you understand what they are saying. Remember – great communicators are even greater listeners!

Be Kind: A little kindness can make a big difference! Showing kindness to your clients can go a long way in building relationships and inspiring them to be kind too.  Also remember to be kind to you employees to build company loyalty. Kindness comes in many forms – It can be as easy as being friendly, sponsoring a local team, giving back to your community or even having a Christmas Party. Doing good, feels good and just makes sense.

Keeping in mind the building blocks of good rapport will help you build more meaningful relationships with your clients and prospects. Check back next month for tips on how to set up client meetings that matter.