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How AccuRoot Financial Solutions Adjusted to Working from Home

Several months into the new world of working from home and some of us are asking the same question: How would we function without remote tools such as Zoom and Telpay?

Naureen Punjani is one of them. The co-founder of Winnipeg’s AccuRoot Financial Solutions, Naureen has daily Zoom meetings with teams across the business consultancy firm.

“We even have weekly virtual coffee breaks with everyone,” says Naureen, “and we check in with our employees multiple times during the day to ensure they never lose their morale or feel isolated.”

AccuRoot has also sent care packages to employees containing PPE, as well as provided tech support for working from home and allowed flexible working hours.

“They’re small things that show we care,” says Naureen, “and the result has been them performing extraordinarily well. We don’t need to micromanage as they feel loyalty and concern for their teams and give 110%.”

AccuRoot is also using this unique time to improve business efficiency, which has included investing in a team task management tool that so far has shown amazing results, says Naureen.

“We are all in the know in real-time, the stress of keeping tabs on our teams is practically a worry of the past, and all team members have a new tool to test out, learn, and get engaged in. It keeps them focused on all the good and newness they have to look forward to.”

Telpay has played a big role in transitioning to the new normal as well, says Naureen.

Although AccuRoot’s sales have taken a hit, Telpay’s pre-authorized debit (PAD) function has allowed for uninterrupted collections and ensured that the company’s cash flows remain predictable.

“Setting my clients up for PAD puts me in the driving seat,” says Naureen. “It eliminates the need to follow up — which saves costly administration time — we don’t have to deal with paper cheques, and most importantly we have the freedom to plan our cash flows.”

Telpay has also made bill payments easy from home, she adds, because the entire process is virtual, including approvals.

“They receive an email with details of what is being paid and approve or reject right from their emails.”

As for the Telpay setup and training process, which happened just months before the pandemic, Naureen says it was “very smooth.” And though it took the AccuRoot team a bit of time to test out the transactions the first time, they soon quickly onboarded all of their own businesses and also helped several of their bookkeeping clients do the same.

“The process was super simple every single time,” says Narueen. “Telpay’s support staff’s promptness, pleasant attitude, knowledge, and experience plays a key role in the seamlessness of the onboarding process.”

Although she couldn’t have predicted a pandemic, of course, looking back, Naureen says that while Zoom and the other tools are keeping the AccuRoot teams connected and engaged, she’s “so thankful” for Telpay for keeping business running smoothly.

“It’s been a life-saver.”

Find out how Telpay can be a life-saver for your business by visiting telpay.ca/for-business or by contacting us directly at 1-800-665-0302 or service@telpay.ca.


Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Get Your Electronic Payment Questions Answered

Conversations with clients about accounting and bookkeeping practices can be challenging at the best of times, but proposing to the long-time cheque faithful that it’s time to go electronic can be one of the most nerve-wracking dialogues you’ll ever have.

Of course, you know the advantages – the time and financial benefits of transitioning to an electronic payment system – but communicating this to your client, particularly if they are steadfast on keeping cheques, may be a struggle.

In preparing for these conversations, bear in mind the questions they may bring to the table. They’ll be concerned about making sure that payments are going through to their suppliers correctly and securely. For your clients, getting into the digital world, inundated with press stories about security alerts and missing payments, is an intimidating prospect; but arming yourself with the answers to their questions will help with easing their businesses into electronic payments.

Consider these questions that you may receive:

  • How is supplier bank account information collected?
  • How is this information maintained? How is it updated?
  • How is this information secured?
  • What happens if a payment is rejected or returned?

You and your clients have the questions, and we’ve got your answers. As a trusted and valued Telpay partner, we want your business to thrive, and we are here to help you thrive. Contact  a Telpay representative at 1-800-665-0302 or use our online form and you’ll receive a response within one business day.

Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Bookkeeping Firm of the Year – AIS Solutions

celebrateCongratulations to Juliet Aurora CPB, President and CEO of AIS Solutions in Burlington Ontario, for being honoured by the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) as the Bookkeeping Firm of The Year. Juliet is a long time Telpay customer and proud partner in our ASP Program.

The Bookkeeping Firm of the Year Award was created to recognize a member firm who upholds the IPBC standards and ideals. As well as a firm that has had significant success along with contributing to their community. Juliet Aurora and AIS Solutions are very deserving.

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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

The Better Way to Pay Anyone


We have all seen the commercials bragging about their products such as, “the ultimate driving machine,” by BMW or “Look Ma, no cavities,” by Crest. Hey, I do like BMW’s, but as a Volvo owner, I am not sure BMW is the ultimate ride. Also, I have used Crest toothpaste but still got a couple of fillings to fix those cavities. Taglines can be catchy, but are they true? When it comes to bill payments, Telpay is “The Better Way to Pay,” because you can pay anyone. Here’s why.

With Telpay’s all-in-one comprehensive payment system, you really can pay anyone. From payroll, government remittances, supplier invoices, expense accounts, one off payment, USD payments, international payments and more. We truly can help you streamline and eliminate manual processes while retaining existing controls. You can reduce costs and save time and be more efficient.  We have answers to some of those burning questions about paying anyone.

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Telpay Payment News
Bringing You Payment Insights, Trends and Best Practices

Thanks a Latte for Switching to Electronic Payments


October is the month to be thankful. Aside from unpacking those chunky knit sweaters and immersing ourselves in pumpkin spice everything we must take a moment to give thanks. Here at Telpay we would like to thank YOU for making the switch to electronic payments by saying “Thanks a latte!”

As a valued Telpay customer, you are a special part of our business and just like a latte we want to make your transition to electronic payments as smooth as possible.

That’s why we encourage you to join us for a payables webinar this October where you will learn how to:
• Pay all your suppliers electronically
• Process your payables as early as the next business day
• Leave it to Telpay to collect banking information from your suppliers

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