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The Better Way to Pay Anyone


We have all seen the commercials bragging about their products such as, “the ultimate driving machine,” by BMW or “Look Ma, no cavities,” by Crest. Hey, I do like BMW’s, but as a Volvo owner, I am not sure BMW is the ultimate ride. Also, I have used Crest toothpaste but still got a couple of fillings to fix those cavities. Taglines can be catchy, but are they true? When it comes to bill payments, Telpay is “The Better Way to Pay,” because you can pay anyone. Here’s why.

With Telpay’s all-in-one comprehensive payment system, you really can pay anyone. From payroll, government remittances, supplier invoices, expense accounts, one off payment, USD payments, international payments and more. We truly can help you streamline and eliminate manual processes while retaining existing controls. You can reduce costs and save time and be more efficient.  We have answers to some of those burning questions about paying anyone.

Can I pay all my bills?
Yes, you can pay anyone from employees, suppliers, and vendors. Telpay integrates with leading accounting software packages by import or journal entry, so no more double entry required. Better yet, there is no need to collect bank account information, because Telpay has tens of thousands of billers in our database or we collect banking information for you.

Submitting government remittances can be a pain?
We know that running to the bank with a cheque and late payment fees are a hassle. With Telpay, you can pay all CRA government remittances with built-in source/remittance forms and use an electronic transaction that costs less than the price of a stamp.

What about paying a consultant in Detroit or Dehli?
You can make payments from CAD or USD bank accounts. As well, if you make international payments, you can send FX payments in every major currency to more than 200 countries territories. Now you can pay a consultant in Detroit or Dehli. It will be more convenient and cheaper than an expensive wire transfer.

Telpay is The Better Way to Pay because now you know that you really can pay anyone. It is not only catchy, but it is true. Call 1-800-665-0302 to learn more about Telpay’s payment features.