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How do you Give?

With the holiday season in full swing, we are all even busier and hopefully merrier too. The time we spend with our family and friends are very special and truly a gift. As well, the holidays are a great time to reflect, to be grateful for what we have and think about others in need. What about your charitable heart to give not just in the holiday season, but throughout the year.

According to Marina Glogovac, President of Canada Helps, “Giving with your heart recognizes the connectedness of all humanity, and understands that we all matter to each other, regardless of how our lives are different. Most of all, charity is about removing the judgment that we often tacitly attach to the needs of others. We should give with the consciousness of connectedness and humbleness.

In Canada, there are over 86,000 charities in Canada. Not just the big ones at the national level, but the majority are small and medium-sized, operating on small budgets and doing very important and impactful work. Look at your where you live and you will often see that they are the backbone of community support

In this busy holiday season, Telpay can save you time by making your donation electronically to your favourite charity. Here are some big and small charities that are already set up on Telpay, such as War Amps, Siloam Mission and Salvation Army to name a few. If there is something closer to your heart and it is not listed in Telpay, our funds transfer capability enables you to pay any charity. You simply add your charity and Telpay will collect the banking information for you.

So the next time you give from your heart to your favourite charity, use Telpay and do it electronically. You will not only feel good, but you will save time too!