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How To Be Effective At Meetings


Part 2 in the Series: The Great Art of Selling

Meetings are a big part of doing business. We have a love/hate relationship with meetings, however it is the most effective way to communicate with your clients. It is a chance to meet face to face, as well as set objectives, make a plan and determine exactly what your client needs from you. If you conduct a meeting properly, they will be effective and efficient. If not, well we have all suffered through the dreaded meetings that dragged on and were unproductive.

Here are some tips to make your meetings matter:

Be Prepared: The better prepared you are for them, the better the results you can expect. Do not only add the meeting into your calendar, but make sure you schedule sufficient prep time too.

Make an agenda: Be sure you establish an agenda with a list of the topics to be covered, which is critical to the success of your meeting. Try to send the agenda in advance, so everyone is on the same page. As well, it gives your client a chance to prepare, which will also keep the meeting on track.

Watch your time: Set a start time, end time and stick with it. It will immediately engage and get everyone in the “right down to business” mode. If your meeting seems like it will go longer. Make sure you ask your client if they have the time to finish or if they prefer to schedule a second meeting. Never ramble on or speed through, it is way better to ask what your client prefers.

Being mindful of the blocks of good rapport and setting up effective client meetings, will help you build more meaningful relationships with your customers and prospects. Check back next month for tips on how to confidently ask for your fee for your service.