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Telpay Celebrates National Tree Day


At Telpay, we take pride in creating a healthy environment for the community that we work, live and play in. As part of our environmental program, we are thrilled to support National Tree Day that will take place on September 22. National Tree Day is a country wide celebration for all Canadians to appreciate the great benefits that trees provide us – clean air, wildlife habitat, reducing energy demand and connecting with nature.

On September 18, in partnership with Tree Canada, Telpay will join the national celebrations by hosting the Telpay for Trees Event at the Fort Whyte Centre in Winnipeg. With our families, friends and customers, together we will plant 125 trees, followed with a Post-Plant Reception.

The Telpay for Trees Event also celebrates our customers across the country. By choosing Telpay for electronic payments, they are saving paper that would have been used for the cheques, envelopes and stamps. In addition, they are reducing the CO2 emissions produced by the physical transportation and delivery of mail.

Wherever you live in Canada, National Tree Day is the celebration of trees and forests in your town, city and community. At Telpay we are proud to celebrate National Tree Day and electronic payments, by planting our own tiny trees that will grow into towering trees.