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Looking Forward 2016


In 2016, Telpay is working on several exciting payment products to meet the needs of both businesses and consumers. We expect them to be in operation during the first half of 2016.

Here is what is in development:

Consumer Payments to Utilities with Pay Now!™

As industry adoption of electronic billing increases, so does customer need for a more convenient method of paying those bills. Pay Now™ is Telpay’s patented answer to that need. Available on any email-enabled device, customers can pay their utility and service bills in as few as two clicks, making this the most convenient online bill payment option on the market.

Mobile Payment Solution for Business with Pay Now Plus!
Telpay is developing a new mobile payment solution for businesses that builds on the strength of our payment system. An extension of the Pay Now! offering to consumers, it will be attractive to small businesses that only require one signature for making payments. With very few keystrokes, payments can be made to any registered Telpay biller.

Telpay for Business (desktop version)

Telpay has been engaged in extensive upgrading of our systems, both internal and external. The internal changes will impact customers by providing up to the minute information regarding the status of their payments. We are also in dialogue with major financial institutions with regards to improving pre-funding lead times.

Telpay for Business Online
Telpay is developing an online payment solution to meet the needs of businesses using cloud-based accounting and payroll systems.

The Finance Canada Payments Consultative Committee (FinPay) is a federal government forum made up of public and private sector representatives to discuss industry level developments in the Canadian payments system. Telpay is an active participant in these discussions and we are honored to be part of the process.


Watch for more announcements and updates in the coming months.