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Top 5 Questions Asked in 2015

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that Telpay’s support page is updated on a daily basis with questions and feedback that we hear from our customers?  We are continually adding new FAQ’s, videos, and instruction manuals based on the questions and feedback that our partners and clients share with our customers care team.

Here are the top 5 questions asked by our customers in 2015.

1. Does Telpay integrate with QuickBooks Online?

2. Can I make a USD payment to one of my suppliers?

3. Can I use Telpay to pay employee expenses?

4.  Do you have online marketing material that I can provide to my clients/manager?

5. How many days lead time do my payments requires?

  • Telpay offers two funding methods for both payroll and bill payments.  Each funding method has its own funding timelines.    Learn more about our funding options and chose the method and timeline that works best for you.