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Now You Can Send Money Across The Border


In this global environment, many companies are located in Canada, but do business in the USA. As cross-border trade accelerates, bank wires have become increasingly expensive for both the sender and receiver. With fraud as a major concern, sending a cheque is not the safest option. As a result, there has been significant demand over the last few years for a more secure and cost effective solution.

Telpay is pleased to offer our new USD Payments solution for those companies that need to pay a supplier, consultant or contractor located in the USA. All a company requires is a Canadian U.S. Dollar (USD) bank account and Telpay does the rest. Built right into the Telpay software, companies can now easily send money from a Canadian USD business account to any U.S. bank account.

Simple, Convenient and Low Cost:
• Avoid costly wire transfers
• Reduce fluctuating currency exchange rates
• Convenience of paying right from your computer
• Safe with clear audit trail
• Telpay notifies recipient of payment by email
• Pay only $2 per transaction

Special Offer
For a limited time only, Telpay will waive the $99 Set Up and $15 Monthly fee. Pay only $2 per transaction for USD payments.  Learn more.

Or contact us at 1 800 665 0302 to see how your business can start sending money across the border with Telpay USD Payments.