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Qualify Clients Part 1: Telpay Basics


This article is part of a series on “Qualifying Your Clients.”  Learn how to properly qualify clients at the beginning of the sales process, by asking the right questions and having all the knowledge needed to ensure they benefit from electronic payments with Telpay.

Great, you have an eager client interested in Telpay! As you know, one of the most important things in a business relationship is getting to know the client and their business. Before you have a client complete the application for Telpay services, first you’ll need to understand if they have the proper resources and tools in place to run Telpay’s payment software.  Think of it as the Telpay Basics:

1) Which financial institution do they bank with? Depending on the financial institution your client currently uses, there may be limited funding options to send their funds to Telpay. Currently, we offer the option of transferring the net payment amount via online banking, or debiting the net amount directly from the clients bank account. If your client banks with HSBC, they will only have the option to have Telpay withdraw funds directly from their account.

2) What type of bank account do you hold? Telpay for Business is for business bank accounts only. Ensure your client has a business bank account and not a personal account.

3) What type of computer and browser do you use? A windows computer or laptop is necessary to run the Telpay for Business software. Telpay for Business will run only in a Microsoft Windows environment (Win XP to Win 2012 are supported). In order to run Telpay for Business on Mac, you need to first install a Windows Parallels or VMWare Fusion. You can also install the Telpay for Business software on a cloud service provider and access it online.

If you need further clarification on why these questions are important, please contact your Business Development Consultant at 1-800-665-0302.

Next issue, we will discuss how to Qualify for Payment Funding Options and Lead Times.