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Spotlight: Kelly Roloson

kellyKelly Roloson is a CPA, CGA at Gibb Widdis, a chartered accounting firm that services more than 300 diverse clientele from across Ontario. Kelly, who is also known as a somewhat gourmet cook, graduated from Brock University with an Honours Bachelor of Administration. In addition to accounting, she has many responsibilities from quality control, facilitator and consultant, but accounting software is her speciality. As the jack of all trades, Kelly also likes the challenge of problem solving. She describes herself as the “go-to-person you need when you’ve got a problem with accounting software.” She joined the original Telpay ASP Partner Program in February 2009.

Back in 2002, one of the firm’s clients wanted to use direct deposit for payroll and it had to integrate with QuickBooks. Being the problem solver, Kelly started to search for solutions on the Internet and found Telpay. However what really convinced her to try Telpay was a presentation at Alan Salmon’s Annual Accounting Technology Seminar. Telpay was featured, endorsed by Alan Salmon and that’s what really sold her.

Kelly was impressed that Telpay integrates fully with QuickBooks and Simply (Sage 50) to eliminate double keying. This made it easy for her to recommend to clients who do their own payroll and bill payments. She especially liked the convenience of Telpay for payroll direct deposit in cases where the firm prepares payroll for clients, because it was too difficult to do payroll using physical cheques because of the painful process of getting a signature. Kelly thinks Telpay’s remote authorization feature is wonderful because clients don’t have to come into the office to sign cheques. “Payroll is time sensitive and with Telpay, people get paid on time, and clients love it because it’s so easy and convenient with remote authorization,” stated Kelly.

“Telpay has come a long way and has improved tremendously since 2002. We see it as a valuable, time saving tool,” she stated. In fact, Kelly, and everyone at Gibb Widdis, likes Telpay so much that any clients who want the firm to do their payroll are automatically signed up with Telpay.

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